​The MSF understands that no single action can change a complicated problem. San Diego County has a long history with methamphetamine. Integrated strategies across prevention, intervention, treatment and interdiction lie at the core of the Meth Strike Force priorities. Examples of these kinds of strategies are listed below.

Meth Prevention Initiative

County prevention providers work to prevent meth problems by changing conditions and community standards that will substantially reduce making, distributing, and using meth. Support for Crime Free Multi Housing programs is one example, where partners work together to support drug-free housing and environments for children and their families.

Operation Tip the Scale

Stop Meth Associated Crimes (SMAC)

Stop Meth Associated Crimes was a four-pronged campaign to break the link between meth and paper crimes such as identity theft and fraud. Read more to learn about the campaign.

Crystal Mess

A social marketing campaign to break the link between meth use and HIV transmission.

Drug Endangered Children (DEC)

The "Drug Endangered Children" program is a multi-disciplinary team approach to respond to children found during meth law enforcement operations. The children are provided with medical screening, treatment, and safe placement.

Speed into Recovery

Women who leave county jails are given these materials to promote access to drug treatment services.


Meth is easy to manufacture with basic chemicals, called precursors. Controlling the sale of precursors is a way to limit illicit meth production. San Diego County was one of the first jurisdictions in the country to establish precursor control policy.

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In 1995, when a meth user stole a National Guard tank and went on a dramatic rampage in the Kearny Mesa area, meth problems grabbed San Diego's attention and helped to stir community action.

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